One of the not-so-pleasant tasks I have with my blogs is to clean up the Spam &#@(*!& that is constantly filled in as comments.  Today, for instance, there were six ridiculous “this post is so wonderful I can’t believe it” comments with links back to an SEO optimization service.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

In theory, they’re trying to have me go check out their site.  But I’m seeing six comments which are essentially the same and heavily laden with back-links, so it’s entirely obvious what they’re trying to pull off.  Really, now – am I likely to approve those comments?

They’re also trying to create links back to their website, so that Google will rank them more highly.  But given that they’re (supposedly) an SEO company, they should know that Google knows about this trick and actively blocks these kinds of references.  In fact, it will actively push their Google ranking LOWER, because they’re known to be playing games.  Google doesn’t like that.

Or they’re trying to get my readers to click through to their site.  But ponder this:  You see a comment on a blog somewhere that says:

This was a really useful blog post.  Thank you for giving us this information.

and then the name given is not a person, but the name of a web application.  What are the chances you’re ever going to click through to look at who it is?  They didn’t say anything useful, and they don’t want to identify themselves.


OK, that’s my little tirade for the day.

Do you want to build a real reputation?  For delivering a great product and doing good work?  Then let people see who YOU are and what you do.  If this is a great product, show me why that’s the case.

Don’t waste my time.