spectrum-395351_640I’m a pretty creative guy, I guess.  Not artistic-creative, but I have a lot of business ideas I bring to the community.

People sometimes ask me where I get these ideas.  I’ve done about 900 blog posts now (on this blog and others) and that’s a lot of subjects to write about.

The honest truth?  The ideas mostly come from others.  I pay attention and notice things.

Part of it comes from things I read, newsletters I subscribe to, and so on.  I’m constantly on the lookout for the new and surprising.

Which is, by the way, why I got involved in Quid Novi – it’s such a weird intersection of talent that it’s even hard to describe!

I run into people all the time who are experts in their own industry, but don’t pay attention to what’s happening elsewhere.  Guess what?  Most new innovations aren’t actually new, they’re borrowed from somewhere else.

By someone who was paying attention and had a broader view.